Some facts about me

In Dreamscape since August 1998 with a break from Spring 2000 - November 2002

RW Name: not tellin :-P

Time spent in DS: none atm

living in Cologne, Germany (Europe)

Birthday June 5th 1971

Thinks I like to do RW:
fishies, playing Everquest II, working on websites,
reading books (Fantasy), enjoying my fav series Friends, the X-files,
Ally McBeal and Buffy on DVD, going out with my friends, cinema,

Favorite quote: Hibbel!
and "There is ALWAYS a choice."

Favorite drinks: italian Coffee, Caipirinha, Dr. Pepper

Favorite food: italian, sometimes chinese

Favorite music: usually the 80ies, dislikes: Hardcore Techno

Favorite colours: hehehe, guess ;-) blue and yellow, olive, brown