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not updated anymore as I'm not inworld

German for Beginners - A free online German course

Dreamscape Links

My favourite Newspaper in Kymer: Virtual Planet

Kymer Clarion

Weekly Prophet

Rocko's Rave

Dreamscape Weekly Events Calendar

Dreamscape Event Calendar

Dreamscape Events Rules and Guidelines

The Argo

The Second Kingdom Chronicle

VZones Forum

Underground Art Forum


Dreamscape Vendo Pages

Dreamscape Turf Previews

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Dreamscape Creators

Mage Engraving Schedule

Monthly Fuzzie Hunt

Monthly Fish Hunt

Monthly Egg Hunt

Jester Jackpot

the original WARaffle Homepage

Bolti's WA-Plug Ins Download Site

BTGH's VZones Plugins

Dreamscape Hosts

Kenn's Virtual Zone Site

Kymer Slot Machine Page

Nowhereland (Plug-ins for MAC)

Techman's Word Search Card and Host

Tristan O'Tierney Software

The Prize Depot

Wert's Mind

Community Info Net

Kymer Yellow Pages

Dreamscape Security

Town Meeting Guidelines

Parking Guidelines

Vzones Member Art Programm

Paint Submission Guidelines

Custom Paint and Monthly Ticket Info

New Member Basics

Kymer International University

Snoop's Dreamscape Cartoons

The great creations of Donna Karan

Dreamscape History

Visions of the Beginning (1995)

Vision of the Earlier Days (1996 & 1997)

The Early Days (paint articles)

Visions of our Past (1998)

Visions of our Past (1999)

Visions of our Past (2000)

Visions of our Past (2001)

The book of Worlds Away (P. Rhodan)

The Mages

The Sisters of Nime

The Muses of Kymer

Dreamscape Jesters

Pan Pages