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Always Thursdays at 1pm WAT
Bingo patterns HERE*Card downloads HERE

There will be five free evil bingo games with 2 winners each

Last game with a Jackpot!
Come and join me for some fun!

Oracle NightStar
Thank you Oracle NightStar
for sponsoring my games! <bow>

First of all the Doorprizes will be raffled.
After that there will be three games with 2x3 and 1x4 winners each,
Acolyte Prizes are packed in coloured boxes.
The fourth game will be the game with Event Prizes.

Scroll down on this site for Bingo help pages
and download Bingo cards
or just CLICK HERE.

Dreamscape Event Page duck.gif (1030 Byte)

Als erstes werden die Türpreise <g> verlost.
Danach gibt es drei Bingospiele mit 2x3 und 1x4 Gewinner,
die Acolyte Preise sind in bunten Boxen verpackt.
Im vierten Spiel gibt es die Event Preise.

Um Bingo-Regeln zu lesen und Bingo Karten runterzuladen
HIER KLICKEN oder an das Ende dieser Seite gehen.

Bingo cards and help pages
Bingo-Karten und -Hilfe


Dreamscape's Prize Depot


Deutsche Bingo Hilfe

How to play Bingo

Y2K Card (direct DL)

Black Panther's Bingo Card (direct DL)

Indy's Bingo Card (direct DL)

Overlords Bingo v3 (direct DL)

Card 98 - from CAD, JRB Software

Bingo Ultima II (Host Proggie)

Kenn's Bingo Hoster

PlugIns for Macintosh

Picture of my last bingo game on Tuesday, 25. July 2000
(just look at those purdy lockable boxes! *melting*)

Eighteen, Ambika, Tabu, Ceni, Marky (aka TFD), Whiskey Rose

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